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    Cannelton fishing?

    How is the fishing at Cannelton Dam? I will have to bank fish but looking at going there Sat eve or Sun. Is the morning bite good or is it better in the evening. And are the stripes stiil hitting. Thanks for any info and you alll have a safe weekend.

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    Re: Cannelton fishing?

    Can you say S L O W ?

    We ended up there late monday morning. Talked to a couple of locals who said that it has really stunk this year. Needless to say the bite was non-existent. They had 1 gate open a hair which gave very little current. However, if you are from the bank, that gate is the first one. Maybe the morning bite would work for a while.

    IMHO, until they start opening gates to get some current going the fishing will be very slow. But watch out when we do get some rain up north, the fishing should catch fire very quickly and last for quite a while.

    Good luck and let us know how you did

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    Re: Cannelton fishing?

    Thanks Tracker, might give it a try Sun morn.

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    Re: Cannelton fishing?

    My fishing buddy and I went last Tue. and had the same results as Tracker. We got there real early and was eating breakfast by 9:30. Caught one hybrid, it must have been lost. WE NEED SOME RAIN!!

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