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    Pay lakes in Louisville area

    Does anyone know of any pay lakes in the Louisville area or even close? The reason I want to go is that I take my cousins and their friends catfishing and the last 10 or so times we have gone, we have been completely shutout. No big deal for me, but I want them to not get totally discouraged with fishing.

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    Re: Pay lakes in Louisville area

    Theirs a Pay Lake in Shively, I believe it's off of Dover Road...close to Cane Run Road.

    Another one I know of is in Taylorsville area...At the light turn left if coming from the Taylorsville Road Hwy 155. If coming in from Mt. Washington, KY. on Hwy 44 turn right at the Light and follow the signs.

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    Re: Pay lakes in Louisville area

    If you drive south down Dixie, past the Snyder, there's one near Pepper's Tackle store. I think it's called Horseshoe Lake, "Home of the Catfish"

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    Re: Pay lakes in Louisville area

    Pauls paylake towards Etown is the best I have ever fished. He has a 6 fish limit and you can't buy any extra tickets but the last time I fished it (which has been a few years ago) all 3 of us had our limit in 2 hours. He also wants everyone to way out when they leave so that he knows exactly how many pounds of fish were taken out...and I guess to check to make sure you stuck with the limit. I am pretty sure it was 6 fish but not 100% on it.

    Directions from louisville
    9. Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-65 towards I-65 / US-61 / Nashville 39.4
    10. At exit 91, turn RIGHT onto Ramp towards US-31W / KY-61 / WK Parkway / Hodgenville / Paducah 0.2
    11. Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp towards US-31W / KY-61 / Hodgenville / Abraham Lincoln Historic Site 0.3
    12. Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto Wendell H Ford Western Kentucky Pkwy towards US-31W-Byp / KY-61 / Elizabethtown / Hodgenville 0.7
    13. Road name changes to SR-61 [Lincoln Pkwy] 9.8
    14. Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-84 1.3
    End. Arrive 3218 Tanner Rd, Hodgenville, KY 42748-9685 < 0.1

    Paul's Pay Lake

    (270) 358-4468
    3218 Tanner Rd
    Hodgenville, KY 42748

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