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    Bite on Cumberland and cold snap

    Anybody been since this cold snap, what are the fish doing, a bird told me it had all but shut down. Now I know you money boys are heading to the Bullett tourney this Saturday and I'm not so if you want to PM me you won't be hurting your chances, lol. I'm just a for fun fishing guy so your wallet is safe. Just didn't want to blow a bunch of expensive gas for the bite that might not be on right now, I really did hear it died this week.

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    Re: Bite on Cumberland and cold snap

    I went down Tuesday morning. I had hoped to go out of Holcombs but found that I was the only truck in the lot and thought better of it considering the recent theft(s) at Burnside mentioned on this forum. One truck and trailer in the lot is a fruit ripe for the pickin' for those low-down crooks. So, went out of Jamestown instead. Saw a few guys out braving the first real cold snap of the year. Seems as though they were thinking the same thing- this weather will surely send these fish into feeding mode. I don't know how any of them did, but I did just OK up in Difficulty Creek fishing for SMBs and KYs in around 30 feet of water. OK meaning only 3 (1 SMB 2 KY's) fish in about 3 hours of fishing. I'm a creek SMB fisherman so fishing DEEP (anything over the depth of an average bathtub) is very hard for me and I always have more luck using instinct rather than my electronics. I can't tell, for the life of me, where the fish on that screen actually are in relation to where the heck I'm casting LOL. Again, as a creek/river fisherman, I just haven't had the experience using a sonar, nor have I had an exceptionally great day when I have concentrated on, and tried to learn more about, my sonar. I would love nothing more than to FNF all season long, everyday, any day, all day, but the biggest obstacle for me is using my electronics to locate the suspending fish. Wandering around Dale all day in 30 weather using instincts learned and fine-tuned on creeks, not lakes, is going to turn out to be a real bad, real frustrating day on the 4 hour-away-gin-clear-deep-as-hell-lake. I guess I'm an idiot. I need the "Idiots Guide To Sonar."
    Anyhow, temp was hovering at 62.5 back in the creek. Very little shad movement on the top and I didn't see one blast on any of the shad pods I did happen to find. All three of my fish came on, don't laugh at my creek rig, a 4 inch yamamoto stick, waky rigged, casted and left to fall for a good 8 minutes which probably got it down to around 10 feet LOL. I don't think I'm a good indication of whether or not the cold front shut anything down but I did think that I would have had a more productive day than I did. I was only out for 3 hours though because I wanted to get to the River, set up camp, eat, then fish until sundown.
    The river was in great shape. Buy solar panels and wind generators people of Cumberland County and Beyond! I'd be happy if they never generated another watt from that dam and allowed just the right amount of water down to keep it cold and flowing. Always great to catch Bass in the morning on the lake, then Trout in the river in the evening. 2 Parts of the Cumberland Slam. Fly fished. Pheasant Tails and Hair's Ear Nymphs. Threw a giant streamer on the 7wt. forever and kept getting slammed by little guys that wouldn't hook up because the fly was likely bigger than them. I always dedicate about an hour on the river to throwing the biggest, nastiest, tarpon fly in the box. Hasn't quite paid off yet, but it will one day.
    Oh and I do want to mention one thing as if this isn't long enough yet. I'm standing on the spill out of hatchery creek casting my fly out into the current nymphing style, getting fish from the deep cut where the gravel has settled into an underwater berm. Two jokers come up in a boat and I swear to you all cast directly at me. With intent. Oh, I about swam out there and throttled these two old men. I give them the head down, out of the top of the glasses look like please do that again. They don't dare. Then I hear them as clear as a bell start to talk about me because I didn't wave or say hi or acknowledge them in any other way but with the look. "It's like he ain't never seen no one before, can't even say hey how's it goin'." This without so much as a nod from either them. First sight I got of them was when the fat guy's lure landed pretty much at my feet. Of course these dipwads see a guy fly fishing and their mind is already made up about who and what he is, they see said guy give a look of discontent, they are oblivious as to why this snob would look at them in such a way, it must be because he has a fly rod in his hand. Typical. I was pretty mad at this whole ordeal. I'm no strictly fly fishing, match-the-hatch, elitist I sometimes simply employ different methods in an attempt to catch a fish, period. But man if I blatantly have my spot staked out and all of the sudden hear comes your gigantic striper popper in a rainbow arch through the air and it lands 12 inches away from me, actually splashing me with water, I'm not the guy who's gonna wave and be all friendly with you. Quite the opposite. Problem is these guys just see a dude fly fishing, the rig is probably worth more than their boat (a little snobbish, yes, but I'm ranting), I was catching fish, they aren't, and they just decide that hey this guy is standing where I want to fish so I'm fishing there. Horrible etiquette and really sad behavior. Here I am wading with only a few yards of fishing area at my disposal nit-picking over a seam of water with guys in a boat who have 100 miles of river at their disposal. I actually do not fishing that particular area and would of loved to have the freedom the right boat affords. Needless to say they blew out the whole place going back and forth (as if that particular location doesn't get enough pressure). I stopped catching fish the moment they arrived but stood my ground for a solid hour and a half, freezing my you-know-whats off just to prove a point. I'm most confident that it didn't work as these guys were truly awesome a-holios who were too dumb to know any better.

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