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Thread: Hey Elwood!

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    Hey Elwood!

    What happened to you buddy? I was ready to go last Saturday, waiting by the door like a good dog. I had done been out and cleaned the drive,,,even went to the ramp and worked 6 hours and clears a path to the water....was bad i guess your one of them fair weather fishermen!....LOL NAW!!!!!! i just got my power back on yesterday and the phones was off just figured i`d get in your case....but we`ll get another chance soon

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    Re: Hey Elwood!

    All I know is I spent 3 days digging out my boat and a path up and around the house to get her out, drove all the way to Shepherdsville and found your house about 3 miles out past the STICKS, basically crawled to your front door on top of the ice, beat on the door and all I heard from the other side was "What are you Stupid or Something". Beat on the door again and this woman answered (Mrs. Onemorecast56) and she said that you had been grounded and was not allowed out to go fishing or anything else for that matter. My guess is that SHE is about to have a VERY good Valentines Day with all that kissing up you will be doing for she did not sound too happy. I was in no mood or condition to mess with an unhappy woman on her property when ice is in play because no way I could outrun her and that Broom she was holding looked like it had been broken in pretty good over somebody's head already (my guess is you have a couple of knots on yours). So back in the Explorer I got, found my way out of the Sticks and back to Georgetown I came. My bet with all the flooding, mud and debris that was flowing on Saturday we missed the best day of the year. We will get together again, SOON. Elnut

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