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    President's speech

    Watched the President speak to the Dem House of Reps last night during their taxpayer funded retreat. Barack Obama has as much gravitas as anyone I've ever seen. The guy could sell refrigerators at the North Pole. To me it's too bad his political ideology is so bent out of shape because I like him. Then again maybe he's got me fooled, we'll see.

    We can expect the President to speak to the nation in general soon. He's gonna try and convince us our world will come to an end if we don't support that 900+ billion dollar piece of excrement they're calling a stimulus bill.

    Experts all over are saying the bill stinks. Even Charles Osgood came toward the aisle from his seat on the left during his 'report' this am. Called the bill throwing money down a rat hole.

    People are seeing through Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Obama's transparent efforts to use the bill to fast forward their party's agenda under the guise of stimulating the economy. Maybe there's hope for us after all.

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    Re: President's speech

    I bet Keith Obeirman likes it, lol.

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