The 2009 USA Bassin Green River Lake division is set to start next month. We are expecting another great year and Green has not disappointed in the last few years. Here is the schedule:

03/28/2009 Safe Light (7:00 am) - 3:00 pm
04/18/2009 Safe Light (6:30 am) - 2:30 pm
05/30/2009 Safe Light (6:00 am) - 2:00 pm
06/06/2009 Safe Light (6:00 am) - 2:00 pm
07/11/2009 Safe Light (6:00 am) - 2:00 pm
* All tournaments are run from Ramp #1

All USABassin Green River Lake division tournaments will start at SAFE LIGHT. The times included in the schedule are approximations of what time that should be for the given date. We will keep tournament registration open as long as we can while still beginning the tournament at safe light.

I will be on the lake the friday before each tournament. Participants may call me at the number below any time on the Friday before a tournament to find out at what exact time safe light fell.

All times are EASTERN TIME. For those relying on cell phones or GPSs that automatically update their clocks based on location, Green River Lake falls on a time line. Some lake locations are in central time and your electronics/phone may switch to central time as a result. Anyone who arrives at weigh in an hour late because their clock was switched to central time will still be disqualified. I can be reached at any time during the tournament on my cell phone for any questions (time, rules, conditions, etc.)

Clint Cone
USABassin Green River Lake division director
(859) 608-7997