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    Photochromic line

    What type of situation is this line good for? I'm looking at getting some but not sure if it is invisible to fish.?

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    Re: Photochromic line

    was good for about any situation but they no longer make it but if you know where to get some i would like a couple 12lb spools.

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    Re: Photochromic line

    I wish they still madeot too.I really liked it.

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    Re: Photochromic line

    That stuff was great. Not sure they still make it. Berkley makes some stuff similar to it, I've not tried it but I have heard several people say its not close to the old stuff. I'm like james, if you know where to get some I'll take a couple 12lb spools too.

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    Re: Photochromic line

    Berkley makes some. It is great at disappearing underwater. But it is awful at simply being good line. Likes to bury itself like braid on hooksets. Worst memory i have ever seen in fishing line.

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    Re: Photochromic line

    The new TransOptic line Berkley makes is pretty much the old Trilene Maxx Photochromic. They are essentially the same line. Both are pretty stiff, memory is bad, but I have yet to have one breakoff with it to this day and I have been using it quite a bit since it was introduced several months ago.

    However, the Trilene Big Game Photochromic was a whole different story -- great line and as tough as nails. Although the TransOptic line isn't as good as the Big Game, it's all you can get anymore. They quit making the Big Game several years ago and if you were to find some it would probably be bad now since mono breaks down over time, especially when exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Yes, mono has a shelf life. Fluro is not as bad in terms of shelf life, and braid is good forever as long as it doesn't fray.

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