I always worry about the security of my fishing rods when the boat's docked overnight at the marina and I'm tucked away in the motel room. Similarly, on the way to the water, rods stored in an open towed boat, or in the bed of a pickup truck can "walk-away" if unattended during stops for supplies, meals, or gas. You can't be 100% sure any measure you take will work all the time, as improvements in security are always meant with advanced methods to overcome security devices. While we can't stop the professional, we can slow him down. We can deter some would-be thieves by making our property more difficult to pickup and walk away with, more time consuming to steal, and therefore less attractive as a target.

Rod Box Project: A more secure way to store fishing rods on-board or while in transit.

I posted the instructions on how to build the box to the Photo board, under the same title as this post and it includes 2 gif files of photos illustrating the 5 steps to build the box.

Hope it helps!