I wanted to share a place I've gone to since I was a kid, to camp, fish and relax. Its called Cook Forrest State Park, in Pennsylvania. Its right at 500 miles from Shepherdsville KY, but an easy drive, interstate on all but the last 25 miles or so. The Clarion river is where we fished. A shallow, clear running river that is the perfect canoe/kayak river. About three times as wide as Elkcorn, but wadable in most spots. In early to late spring, trout and some walleye are the fish to target. By June, smallmouth's are what you'll fish for. No trophy's but a 16-19 inch fish is not that uncommon. Some big Brown's in the river too. There are two parks, one is Cook Forrest State park, and another, only a few river miles up stream, is Clear Creek State park. There are several canoe rental co in the area, though we took our own kayaks. We normally fished 3 miles or so at a time, using a bike after we drop off the van down stream to get back to the kayak's. Easy ride even for me who only rides a bike on these fishing trips. Anyway, the 4 of us caught 92 fish in 5 days of fishing. 16 came from my boys. All were smally's except 4 trout. This is not Gatlinburg, there's not much up there, beyond a few restaurants, a horseback stable, one go kart track, but the scenery is beautiful. I'm always looking for new places to go and thought someone might be interested. There are nice cabins at both parks. The cabins at Clear Creek run about $250 a week, but must be booked in advance. Cook Forrest has state cabins, but when we've stay'd there, we have always rented from the private Co in the park. Their cabin's are much nicer, and have their own bathrooms. This is a great place to take your whole family!!!