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    Political Posts

    I admit that I enjoy discussing politics as much as anyone on this board; that I see things to rant about frequently; and sometimes I have gone on a tear, but lately these political posts are going over the top with the name calling, accusations, and heated discussions. If you don't tone it down I am going to ask Peter to ban political discussion altogether. And, don't say this would be a violation of your freedom of speach because this is a privately owned board/website and none of us are allowed to just say anything we want to.

    ** Added comment by Peter 9/15--The rule below is hereby named "Grumpy's Rule" **

    One way to stop from going too far is to imagine that the person you are talking to or talking about is standing in front of you (and maybe with their fist cocked) and think of whether you would say it to their face.

    This is not open for discussion.

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    Re: Political Posts

    Peter's addition:
    If you don't want the post that you took your valuable time to write to be deleted make sure it passes "Grumpy's Rule" (previous post) and Peter's rule below. All complaints to any deletions are subject to being routed directly to the "black hole" unread.

    Peter's rule.

    If your Mother would not like to hear what you wrote or you would not say it to her do not write it.

    * No Personel attacks
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