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    Boat Fiberglass Repair Needed

    Looking for somebody in KY, preferably as close to Bowling Green as I can get, that can do fiberglass repair. I have two spots on the back hull where it appears the previous owner hit something. 2 Cracks about five inches in length running parallel to each other. I keep taking in water when I go out, and I worry that it is going to rot my boat out. If so, send me a PM with some details. Thanks.


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    Re: Boat Fiberglass Repair Needed

    I had C&O Marine do some fiberglass work on my old boat about 5 years ago. They did fiberglass repair work long before they ever sold boats. Lots of experience between those guys.

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    Re: Boat Fiberglass Repair Needed

    im in glasgow ky, i use to do body work for about 12 years at my dads buisness until i finished college. i have done a few fiberglass boats as well and can give you some info on it. i would be willing to help you out but i dont know how soon you are wanting this done. you cannot just use reisin to patch it bc if you do as the boat hits waves and turbulence it will crack at the edges of where you patch it. you will need fibermesh, acitvator, and reisin. use a grinder and from the hole grind down an area in an outward fashion (wear a mask), you want to grind it in a way to make a crater like formation from the hole out. this has to be done to both sides. using fibermesh make it thick in the thin area (where the hole is) and lighten it out away from the hole. mix the reisin and fibermesh together in a aluminum pan and not put this over the fiber mesh you just put down. it will be a mess. let it dry and now grind it smooth on the outside of the boat. now just using the reisin put it on the rough fiberglass where you just ground smooth to take out scratches and pin holes. you can wipe it on like you would bondo. after this drys use a DA sander to smooth it out starting with 80 grit and working your way all the way up to 400 grit. it will be nice and smooth. if your going to paint it, make sure you put FLEX additive in your paint. hope this helps.

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