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    St Joe Bay / Port Charlotte

    I will be visiting family in St Joe at the end of Feb before I head down to Port Charlotte for spring training with the rays. I know its a long shot but I was wondering if any of you guys/gals out there have any info on fishing these places? I am familiar with St Joe from Tyndall to the Cape.

    Port Charlotte, I have no clue. Never been that far south before. I will have to work from 6-6 everyday which will leave me a couple hours after work to get a line wet!

    I also wanted to know if anyone out there would be interested in letting me fill an open seat in their boat in exchange for tickets to a ball game?

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    Re: St Joe Bay / Port Charlotte

    My friends parents moved from Wolf Pen Branch Road area in Prospect to Port Charlotte, I will ask him what he does when he goes down there.

    I know youve already left but if you can check this while youre down there....

    As you come down Cape San Blas Road and it turns to the north around Eglin Airforce Base (if you go straight you go to the LightHouse) your first right after a few hundred yards you can park off the road there. Bring your gear and hick through the woods past the tower and youll come to a nice pier (you can use Bing maps to see what I am talking about) . Its been years since Ive been there but it use to be open to the public and was a nice place to fish. Ive caught MANY fish there including my biggest fish, a nurse shark over 7ft on 15ft line! Oh yeah, watch for the wild hogs while walking down there!!

    Cape San Blas is a BEAUTIFUL place and really a fishermans paradise!

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