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    Define Float N Fly

    I am a non fly fisherman. I have never even touched a fly rod. But i know some guys claim to catch bluegill with fly rods on large bodies fo water...i.e. lakes or ponds and not moving water. They say FloatnFly but I have no clue what that means. If I were wanting to give this a try, how would I go about it? I know i am gonna cheap out buying my first rod reel combo until i know if i like it or not... but what line, do i need to use a leader, what flies, etc... i mean break it down to how you zip your pants in the morning cuz i am clueless....

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    Question Re: Define Float N Fly

    Float N Fly is totally different than Fly fishing. F-N-F is a technique developed mainly for winter time smallmouth fishing from all that I have read and heard about it. They use a very small jig w/feathers and fibers tied to it that make it look like a fly. They use a long light action rod and a three way swivel connected to the regular fishing line. The second loop on the three way swivel they tie a small Fluorocarbon leader that might be up to 10'- 12' long that ties to the fly. The third hole in the three way swivel has the float attached to it. Basically casting the float, With the fly trailing behind. This makes for a very sensitive setup. Where the fisherman can detect the slightest hit. In the winter the SM are kinda lethargic due to the very cold temps. Sometimes pulling the float down very very slow.

    There is also what some people call a Colorado bobber , Or torpedo float. Which has 2 eyelets on it. Tie to a regular spinning rod on one of the eyes. And tie a tippet to the other eyelet cut to desired fishing depth with a regular fly tied to it. Essentially a weighted bobber that allows you to cast a fly. My oldest Daughter loves to fish this way. So she can catch fish on flies that I have made. She is not into the regular fly rod yet. She will yell " Red copper John Baby ! " This technique would work out pretty well for Blue Gill like you ask about.

    Brother Boone might ring in on this with a lot of first hand experience behind him. And please correct me on whatever I might have wrong with this scenario Boone.

    I think I will try it next winter with a little spin on things !
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