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    Temple Fork Outfitters warranty rocks!

    Just wanted to heap some praise on TFO. I broke the tip of my first fly rod at the beginning of my trip to Quetico. I "fixed" it by splicing it with a straightened fish hook, some electrical tape and some super glue, enough to get through the trip. I worried that fixing it myself might nullify the warranty since they wouldn't have a chance to repair it. Still, they came through like champs. I mailed it off with $25 and got it back eight days later with a new tip.

    Btw, in Quetico, we had bright, blue skies, which made the fish a bit spooky and long casts were important. I'm not good enough at shooting line long distances, so 99% of my fishing was with spinning rods instead of my fly rod. I even went to a spot we called our "honey hole" one evening and couldn't get bit on a fly, while my canoe partner caught about 5 with his spinning gear. Luckily, we TORE THEM UP with our spinning gear, so I could easily forget my struggles with fly fishing.

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    Re: Temple Fork Outfitters warranty rocks!

    Good to hear it! Nice to see a company treat their customers that way.

    It is hard to pick up the fly rod @ Quetico when everyone else is nailing four pounders on the spinning rod.........been there and done that, lol!


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