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    What is weather doing to Elkhorn?

    Any idea what this extreme heat would do to the smallie fishing on the elkhorn? I'm considering renting a canoe from Canoe KY and trying it out, but I'm worried that the fish might be really sluggish with the heat. I'd appreciate anybody's input. I've never fished there before, so I'm clueless!

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    Re: What is weather doing to Elkhorn?

    Fishing on the Elkhorn is excellent right now and has been for the past several weeks. I've been fly fishing with poppers and deerhair bugs and doing quite well. Heat doesn't seem to bother smallies but low water does. Canoe Kentucky posts the water level on their site. As long as the level is plus or minus four inches (compared to "summer pool") you'll catch fish. Use small crankbaits and Rapalas if you spin fish. Also, hope for rain this week. The level was perfect today but will be too low by next weekend to float unless we get a storm or two.

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