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    Lightbulb Fly Fishing Marathon South America

    Halo Amigo's

    I'm about to start a South American hiking fishing holiday...
    3 days on a river, a day or two in a hotel and then its the next river, doing most of South America... Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia... etc... over 6 months.

    I was look for a board to post to, the idea being to make a map of the journey, the good fishing spots, talk about the people I meet, how we cooked the fish, what fish we caught, discuss problems, talk about the country in general etc...

    For example... here is a link to Google Maps to give you an idea of the sort of thing I'm trying to do...

    Unfortunately its starting to look like I'm going to have to start my own board... because to do it properly, I need you do open up KMZ/KML attachments... they very small files, much smaller than images, and they open Google Earth and show the person where the spot is, together with comments.

    I know this board technology can do attachments and that they can be filtered, i.e. only KMZ/KML and images etc...

    Anyway, thanks... now the 5 fishing board I've tried and I still cant find one that lets people make GE maps of fishing expeditions.
    Which I think, is the one thing people really want to know... where are the fish

    Gracias, Adios....

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    Re: Fly Fishing Marathon South America

    Good luck on your journey ! Keep us posted from time to time on your adventures ! With pics if possible ! And Be safe !

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