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    Fall fly patterns?

    Richyd4u's post about fishing the Cumberland with egg patterns got me thinking ... I have NEVER fished an egg fly. Don't even own one.

    I am heading to the Dix River tailwaters on Thursday. I was going to sling giant streamers all day with my 8wt, hoping for some browns - but the thought of tossing a small egg fly on a 6 wt sounds much less taxing.

    Would you think browns and/or rainbows would be going through a spawn in a tailwater like the Dix at this time of year? I know it would probably be unsuccessful for them, but it might make it worthwhile to toss some different color egg flies.


    Would really appreciate some input. I've had pneumonia for the last 5 weeks and have just emerged from feeling like crap. I am so ready to hit the water that I'm busting at the seams and can't wait to get out!

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    Re: Fall fly patterns?

    I never nymph in the fall/winter without an egg pattern tied on as my primary fly.....Browns spawn in the fall, along with the steelhead strain rainbow (which the CR has)....Yellow & Appricot are really good colors. Sometimes, when they are really targeting the eggs, I will fish both my primary and secondary fly as an egg pattern. DEFINITELY WOULD TRY IT IF I WAS YOU!!! Good luck!!!


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