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    Baitcast Reel Gear Ratios

    What's with all the available gear ratios? Is it really necessary to have more than one speed? What is the purpose of each one?

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    Re: Baitcast Reel Gear Ratios

    Gear ratios are very important when spending multiple hours on the water. Your high speed ratios make it much easier to throw a a buzzbait or rattletrap all day than a lower ratio. I only use the lower ratios on regular crankbaits and slow rolling spinnerbaits. I also like the higher ratio on my flipping gear since you need to power those fish out of cover quickly. I would rather turn the crank 3 or 4 times on a high speed versus 7 or 8 on a low speed. Easiest way to compare is throw a buzzbait on a 5 to1 then put it on a 7 to 1 and you will notice how much easier it is to fish on the 7 to 1

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    Re: Baitcast Reel Gear Ratios

    it matters if you can have more than 5 rods. if not i believe that a 6.1 or 6.4 is the best all around. you can always speed it up or slow it down.

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    Re: Baitcast Reel Gear Ratios

    Big difference using 7:1 for buzzbait rather than 5:1 - and if you are throwing the buzzbait all day the faster reel makes a huge difference. I'll use the slower reels to help me slow down my presentation for a jig - plastics - slow roll a spinnerbait - or a deep diving crankbait JMO . . . I tend to fish too fast - especially after catching "biggun"!

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