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    Re: Whats the best shakey head rod????

    I shakey head a lot, and finesse fish at least 75% of the time. I use a Team American Rodsmiths spinning rod (the golf grip handle) with a US Reels SX230 wide-arbor spinning reel. I think the American Rodsmiths rod is comparably as sensitive as the IMX version of the Loomis Shakey Head rod, which I've used often, and it's approx. $100 less. If you aren't up for the $145 American Rodsmiths rod, I'd go with the Carbon Lite at $100 or less. None of these rods have warranties as good as a Shimano, but sensitivity is much more important to me than warranty.

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    Re: Whats the best shakey head rod????

    I use a carrot stick drop shot rod heavy with xfast tip with a shimano 2500 symetre reel (which I think is the best reel possible for flurocarbon). But I have to agree with the veritos, they are awesome rods!!!! I fish Shakey heads ALOT! and I prefer the 7' + ones but I like them a little stiffer than most - I can't stand the Skeet Reese Rods because they are "noodly" to me but again just my opinion on the topic

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    Sorry for bumping old thread, but just randomly stumbled upon this and thought id chip in...

    Zoom Bait Finesse has alwasy been my brand of choice. But a lot of my friends swear by the Strike King KVD for shaky heads...

    You may want to check out this list. They have some detailed reviews of the top shaky heads today:

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    Not sure your price range but Alpha Angler makes a 7/0 medium they call the “wrench” that is good for a shakey head but my son uses the 6/9 ml Alpha Angler “DSR” for all his shaky head lures. Any spinning reel from 2500 up is good. I like a larger spool size myself like 3000-4000 and will use Seagaur 8# Tatsu or Invisx.

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