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    New rod, works well.

    I bought a 6wt hobbs creek combo the other day, 8' 6" 4 piece. The one with there newer class of larger arbor reel. I ran down to Indian creek with my bro to try it out. Pretty sure there aren't even any trout there at the moment, but anyway, the rod worked great! I was pleased to feel the little bit of extra stiffness in the tip I was hoping for out of the shorter length. Its going to be nice later when the foliage does what it does in the spring and starts getting greedy for my flies. Now with the 8 and this new 6 I should be ready to tackle just about anything our states waters have and still enjoy the fight. All of our local lakes that get trout just got stocked yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to break the new addition in properly tomorrow afternoon. I'm seriously considering bringing some cheater pellet flies. I'm even thinking of sitting them in the dog food container over night. Ha! I have to catch something on it! The trip to indian the other day was a bit dissapointing and the last time I fished before that was the cr in early november and I had no flies of an use. I have remedied that problem, now all I need is for a few fish to cooperate.

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    Re: New rod, works well.

    Sounds good....I have always fished a 8'6" 5wt for stream trout fishing. I won't break into the 9' rods until I am on a float tube pulling buggers for big lake trout. You will really enjoy that rod, have fun!


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