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    Red River Gorge today

    Made the trip with a buddy and fished a few hours at East Fork Indian Creek. The fishing was great, but the catching was poor. Not a single strike, didn't even see a trout anywhere. Creek was low and clear, seems it could use some more water. No sign of life anywhere in the water. Noticed the "Be Bear Aware" signs that I hadn't noticed before. I assume they put those up after the man was attacked last summer. Anyway, my buddy and I posed by one of the signs. Later on, as we were stepping out of the stream about a mile downstream from the bridge with the two culverts, there on the sand, plain as day was a bear track about the size of my hand.

    Had a great time and saw some nice scenery just wasn't happening today!

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    Re: Red River Gorge today

    That stinks about the fish. Although I want to see one of those bears really bad. Haven't yet had the chance to see a wild bear. Let alone one in Kentucky.

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