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    Boats and all things BOATS........****.


    My batteries died last trip to KY. I figured it was time for some new batteries, so I figured I'd start looking around.

    Well before I did that, I figured I'd do some checking with my trolling motor first....GLAD I did.

    I found a wad of fireline or braid on the shaft. No biggie, I've seen this I started digging it out. Well.......this was a little worse than I originally thought. It had managed to work it way past the rubber seal and was also wrapped in and around the shaft past the seal.

    SO, I took the lower end of the trolling motor apart, and removed the line. Now, I probably need to hit A2O tomorrow for a seal.......JUST to be SURE.

    I just replaced the motor guts last year for this same EXACT problem.




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    Re: Boats and all things BOATS........****.

    i think when people get hung up, they troll all the way from the spot spooling all their line off , then break it off, so you can better receive their line on your prop or trolling motor for fun.

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