Hey guys/gals, Im in need of a job just like alot of people out there, I can do several things and would mind odd jobs either. From, dry wall, framing, cars, boats, lawn work and several other things. Also if anyone knows of anybody hiring or doing some hiring yourself, theres a little resume at the bottom. Thanks.

Iam mainly construction oriented since I have done been a help to my father all my life. Its mainly residential but the last 2 years Ive worked on Ft.Knox as a general maintenance Technician and all of that work is mainly commercial. I have been certified to operate a forklift, government vehicle, and have had an accident avoidence class. I have other certification like Fire Marshal duties (I only checked the fire extinguishers) enclosed space readings, Asbestos, and numerious other saftey qualities. Ive also had around 6 or so months or Factory experience at Akebono as a temporary helping running line # 1. Im a fast learner and can pretty much do anything. Thank you for your time