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    Bank Fishing Taylorsville Lake

    Hey guys
    Just a lurker on the forums but the other Taylorsville thread inspired me to speak up and ask for some opinions on where a good spot to bass fish off the bank would be on Taylorsville Lake? I've fished the tailwaters with no luck at all there. Van Buren a few times, but have stopped going there recently because a copperhead literally slithered 2 feet in front of my feet when casting. (I know snakes can be anywhere, but I KNOW they're there! Just haven't gotten the guts to go back just yet! I'm a baby, I know..) I've fished the pull off on down the road from Van Buren where there's a gate at. I believe that's actually getting to be salt river, and is a nice spot to fish under the bridge but it's pretty hard on the ol' Fibromyalgia getting up and down those steep banks. Chowning Lane is where I've had the most luck this summer, fishing rat-l-traps right in front of the parking lot. Caught a nice 16 inch smallie there and that is the only keeper I have ever caught the few times I've fished Taylorsville Lake.

    So for those who have banked fish Taylorsville Lake, where do you have the best luck at? For those who don't have any kind of watercraft to get out into the lake it can be pretty frustrating. Just looking for some extra guidance. Thanks!

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    Re: Bank Fishing Taylorsville Lake

    You can fish from the bank at Possum Ridge boat ramp. Bass are released there from tournaments. They hang around the dock for a while before moving on. I fish there from my boat before I take out all the time. You can always catch a few around there and most every one is a keeper. Fishing there during most tournaments is off limits, or at least it should be. You are not supposed to fish from the dock, but there is plenty of room to fish from the bank.

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    Re: Bank Fishing Taylorsville Lake

    I would think at the dam would be pretty good fishing. It's well mowed, has fire rings in case you want to have a fire to cook your lunch or if you fish at night and need some light. I've seen several fishing there, looks like around the piers for the pumphouse walkway would be good, and the walkway itself can provide some shade for you too. Plenty of riprap on the bank, which is always a good thing to fish.

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    Re: Bank Fishing Taylorsville Lake

    I actually fished the tailwaters last night. Caught quite a few crappie on minnows. The first two we got were really nice 11 inchers. Saw some large cats and tried cut skipjack I caught on a minnow but had no luck.

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    Question about bank fishing at Taylorsville

    Is it allowed/legal to bring a cooler with alcohol to the bank of Taylorsville lake? I'd like to find an area with the fire rings and do some night fishing and build a small campfire. Thanks for any replies and information.

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    The tailwaters is where I have had some of my best days on Taylorsville. It's very hit or miss depending on how to spillway is flowing. I have had some 14-15 multi species fish days chucking lipless, med diving, and jerkbaits into the spillway current.

    attached is probably 1/3 of one day there
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    There's bank access over by settlers trace marina. The marina is off limits for all tournaments, but people push it anyway, especially to the left (looking from the parking lot). However, I've had pretty good luck from a boat and the bank, specifically near the drain culvert to the right of the ramp (you'll drive over it when you drive in). Bass, bluegill, catfish, and the occasional white bass/hybrid. Probably catch a saugeye too if there's shad there. Easy walking, flat and there's an old road bed leading to the culvert. Hope this helps. Good luck, post some pics if you catch any!

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