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    brother hood

    Past few weeks have been with my father who pasted away Sat. night. An Army man WWII, Korea and 3 times Vietnam Vet. 27 yrs. retired soldier. Just wanted to say that the brotherhood of the veterans who came to pay respect to my dad was unbelievable. Some who went as far back as the 50's that served with him to solders who were young and fresh in the Army to a retired colonel. An outpouring beyond my wildest imagination. Every one took the time to greet me and share their respect for my father whether they served with him or not. Unbelievable totally unbelievable. Even the police who blocked traffic were standing at attention as we passed by. The honor it has been to be an army brat was shown to me with the up most respect for my father. You Vets. Are strong and brothers to the end for sure.

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    Re: brother hood

    That's the way it should, be sorry for your loss.

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    Re: brother hood

    These guys and your dad are true heroes.

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    Re: brother hood

    Man I know it's been a few months but I'm sorry for your loss. That wartime vet honor is strong and well deserved. It's a sad day to lose another one if those honorable men who made great sacrifices for us all. Hearing Taps at my dads military funeral tore me up and the 21 gun salute was music to my ears. For me the feeling of knowing a great man only gets stronger and I get more proud of the life he lived. I hope some of your grief is soon replaced with proud memories and deeper respect of what he did for us all. He gets my respect and I hope things are going well for you all. God bless you and your family.

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