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    Cool so, are the crappie done this year?

    Sill tying to get a educated answer; on wether or not the crappie are done for the spring, and if so now what. With this weather the way it is, whats a man to do. I was in high hopes to get in on some real good fishing, not one fish every 2-5hrs if that at times. Like to learn some productive patterns for these fish. Really, what would you do? I am having to fish Cedar Creek, I am real close to it, and there is a bunch of crappie in there, and there are some slabs, I have seen the pics, heard the tell's.

    Its pretty stained water, suface temp of around, upper 60's. Not sure of the thermal cline and where they are holding. I catch some early on the morning on minnows, the at 9am they quick hitting minnows, which i fish around thick brush, mainly cedars. then I later in the day, with com winds partly cloudy, i'll move out to open water, about 8ft, and fish a bettle-spin with a white and pink head marraboo jig, silver colorado blade, which at one time did produce.Now nothing.

    I would love to have a better understanding of what color to use, and why, body type of jigs and why some will work best, each day is different son I need to change with the tackle I am lost here????

    Who is willing to help? Thanks Yall. CB

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    Re: so, are the crappie done this year?

    When I fish I usually use bright colors earlier in the year and than as spring moves on I use more natural colors but with the stained water the bright colors may be the key

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    Re: so, are the crappie done this year?

    Some have spawned, some haven't, some won't ... it's just been that kind of year, weatherwise. And that goes for most all the lakes in Ky.

    Understand, too, that when you're talking about Cedar Creek Crappie ... you're talking about Black Crappie. (supposedly there are no White Crappie in CC, but some of the pics on the Cedar Creek Lake Outfitters website fly in the face of that notion .. as some of those pics are definitely of White Crappie !! ) Do some research on Black Crappie habits/habitats, and apply it to the situation/conditions at Cedar Creek.

    I doubt a thermocline has set in, since we haven't had a long enough string of hot days to warm the upper layers.

    I've yet to find a "magic" color, or color combo ... as I've caught Crappie on most every conceivable color or concoction of colors that one can imagine. The most important aspect in Crappie fishing (IMHO) is finding the depth range they're using, as it relates to water temps & clarity. Then comes where they are located, in relation to the cover or depth they're holding on ... and what presentation method will put the bait in their face. Then it comes down to speed of movement of your bait ... which is dictated by the mood of the fish (slow/steady for active fish, to dead still for those in a neutral mood).

    ... pappy

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