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    How many species have you caught?

    I'm putting this in the Virginia forum because I've caught the vast majority of these here. About a year and a half ago, I decided to keep track of the species I've caught on rod & reel. So far I'm at 66, with 60 of them coming from Virginia freshwater. Here's my list so far, including subspecies, by family...

    Sunfish (20)
    largemouth bass, northern largemouth bass, smalllmouth bass, spotted bass, northern spotted bass, rock bass, Roanoke bass, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, northern bluegill, pumpkinseed, flier, warmouth, dollar sunfish, redear sunfish, longear sunfish, redbreast sunfish, orangespotted sunfish, green sunfish

    Minnows (20)
    common carp, common shiner, golden shiner, redfin shiner, white shiner, whitetail shiner, spotfin shiner, steelcolor shiner, popeye shiner, creek chub, river chub, bull chub, bluehead chub, streamline chub, fallfish, central stoneroller, cutlips minnow, bullhead minnow, hornyhead chub, striped shiner

    Suckers (3)
    golden redhorse, river redhorse, white sucker

    Catfish (10)
    channel catfish, blue catfish, white catfish, flathead catfish, stonecat, black bullhead, brown bullhead, snail bullhead, flat bullhead, yellow bullhead

    Perches (2)
    yellow perch, apron du Rhône

    Drums (3)
    Atlantic croaker, star drum, spot croaker

    Cartilaginous Fish (1)
    Atlantic stingray

    Salmonoids (3)
    brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout

    Mullets (1)
    white mullet

    Herrings (1)

    Temperate Bass (2)
    striped bass, white bass

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    Testing forum runner mobile software.

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    It's been a good year. I'm up to 91.

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    ive caught 15/50, and they are
    Clown Fish
    Sad Clown Fish
    Party Clown Fish
    Star Fish
    Five Star Fish
    Amore Eel
    Electric Amore Eel
    Nurse Shark
    King Crab
    Moon Fish
    New Moon Fish
    Cutthroat Trout
    Frozen Fish
    Shining Star Fish

    And there's one more I forgot.

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