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Thread: Occupy Protests and Violence

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    Occupy Protests and Violence

    Are these two linked??

    I think they are........AND if so, then I think the gubment.......federal, state and LOCAL need to clean house and start arresting these fools.



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    Re: Occupy Protests and Violence

    I read the article and said What?????? The group has stuck to a nonviolent approach?? Geez...I cry bull droppings! This group has been violent, disgusting, filthy, law breaking and raunchy. I'm not going to look the stuff up because I remember alot of junk that happened from these folks.
    I think they are linked based upon who all is linked with these people. I don't need evidence because once unions are involved and far winged nut jobs are involved bad things can happen. I also hope they are linked and can be proven so some dang common sense can be used here. Occupy movement huh? I guess they dropped the Wallstreet because it was to specific? Now it's changed to just Occupy movement to see if it sticks? Is this like Global Warming being changed to Climate Change?? Geez.....

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    Re: Occupy Protests and Violence

    Maybe just the ones I've seen on TV, but from the looks of them they need to occupy a bathtub. Right after that maybe occupy combs and toothbrushes. Then get truly radical and occupy some doggone occupations.

    Based on recent actions quite a few need to occupy some jail cells.

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    Re: Occupy Protests and Violence

    I can't help but think most of these occupy protesters like the idea of protesting more than they really have something to protest about.

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