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    Barkley Info/Help

    I just joined this group and have read some of the posts. It is nice to see a group that helps others out as much as this one does. That said I am coming down to fish Lake Barkley for the first time in 12 years. Planning on fishing Thursday thru Sunday of next week. I have fished Kentucky Lake from KenLake to the State Park Marina for the past 10 years but haven't ventured past the canal for a l-o-n-g time. I booked into a resort in Eddy Creek so I can run both directions. I need advice on "running" the lake. I hear the pool is down at winter level (354-55'). That probably means "stay in the Channel" I assume. How about the bass are they post spawn or are they out on the ledges. I don't know much about ledge fishing on Barkley but I would guess it's similar to Kent. Lake, same type of lures???. Has anyone been throwing the A-rig or ???
    Any Help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Barkley Info/Help

    Try some of the humps and creek channel bends in Eddy Creek. Same lures as Ky Lake. If they are there, you can probably do the same thing in Little River and Prizer Point. Definitely stay in the channels with the water low. Good luck.

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    Re: Barkley Info/Help

    Try the C rig in these places (try to find the ledge):

    Mouth of Buzzard Rock
    Around the island on the main lake near Buzzard
    Entrance to Kuttawa Harbor
    Pump house and boat ramp by prison
    Mouth of bay between buzzard and Kuttawa (road bed)

    These are community holes, but a great way to get started. Once you locate the fish in these spots, and figure out what they want, start looking for similar stuff nearby.

    There's an old railroad bed in buzzard rock marina, but I it's hard to explain how to locate it. It's about two cast lengths from the fueldock. Also the boat ramp by the restaurant is a great drop normaly holding very nice spotted bass.

    Try a DT16 as well once you've located the structure with the C rig

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