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    Catfishing falls of ohio and clarksville boat ramp.

    Hello everyone, my question is about the falls of ohio and the clarksville boat ramp. I frequent those spots weekly for catfishing and ive ran into little to zero fish. typically I will cast net for shad then toss them on ice and head out. Just below the interp center on the left side towards the dam and fish the cove at the very far end. If not there then on the side near colgate creek in the deeper water, the rock face drop off, not the bend towards the creek. If I fish the clarksville boat ramp I always stick the the far right as you go down the ramp. I used to fish other areas there, but soon realized with the low water levels that the entire area is almost all shallow water, now I stick to the right and fish the rock bank. Sometimes I will fish duffys landing in jeffersonville, but Ive never had any luck there. Also I will fish the charlestown boat ramp as I only live a few miles away from it.

    My question is, am I fishing the wrong locations there or has anyone else had not so great luck there as well. My bait ranges from live to cut baits, bottom, float and santee rig. mainly shad, skipjack and bluegill.

    Also are there any other areas that are on the indiana side that produce some nice cats? if so would anyone be willing to give me directions? I feel like I have spent entirely way too much time in my normal areas, doing everything I know and not producing any fish or just not enough fish.

    I fish several times a week so im not trying to drive far, looking for some similar areas that are close by like the falls and the boat ramp in clarksville.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and any advice given.

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    Indiana side...Levonwerth exit...ramp were Blue River runs into Ohio....slab rock were old dam us to be

    use chicken livers...lots of nice channels cats from that good.

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    Always remwmber that cats arent always in deep water. They sometimes react as bass. Ive caught some nice cats in 3 ft of water and been in 40 ft of water and caught them 10 ft under the boat. You have to switch tactics. With no current they arent always o n the bottom. They can go anywhere in the water column no matter the depth. They dont have to seek shelter when there is no current.

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