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    Bullock Penn 9-10-12

    Tough day today, but was able to scratch out a small 10# limit - big bass was a 3-9. Could only catch 'em on a frog, and only had 7 fish all day with 3-4 blow-ups.

    I just moved here and I'm used to catching my summer fish DEEP. I've been to just about all of the lakes around Northern KY (Kinkaid, Boltz, Bullock Penn, Corinth, etc.) - all have deep water, but I've spent hours with my Humminbird searching for deep fish and have found squat...

    I don't mind fishing shallow, but do these NKY fish not follow the shad out to deeper water???

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated...

    And, by the way, where are all the BIG fish? I make decent $$$ tournament fishing, and the biggest fish I've been able to catch was the 3-9 today and a 4-0 a few weeks ago. Back home, those barely make the weigh-in bag!

    Finally, I'm used to fishing year-round at Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Lake of the Ozarks - in fact once the water hits 42-45 degrees back home, the fishing is better than any other time of the year! Is the winter time fishing any good on these lakes?

    Thanks, Mike

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    The fishing will be good as long as the water stays clear and unfrozen. It does however get very difficult when the water temps fall into the upper thirties. As to fish size, a four pounder is a very nice fish for this area. My personal best in this area after 35 years of hard fishing is 6.5 lbs.

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    Welcome to No Ky fishing, not good. If you want to catch quality fish you have to head south or west. Herrington, CedarCreek, Green River, Cumberland, Cave Run, Yatesville or west, Ky and Barkley, Barren River, Nolin or Rough River lakes. North, I would fish Brookville lake, best lake within 70 miles of No Ky area. I moved from Ohio about 33 years ago. Ohio isn't much better. Best lake in Ohio is Lake Erie, maybe best in nation. Kentucky and Barkley lakes would be very similar to Bull Shoals and Table Rock Lake. Cumberland is more of this type of lake. My best fish is 6.5 lb lm out of Kincaid, caught 2 same size out of there. This is your best bet for a big fish in No ky area. Sorry, but this is the best we have.

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    Also the lakes you mentioned in nky get hit hard every week. Makes finding that big fish even harder. Ive fished this area my whole life and 5 pounds my biggest....

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