Knute (The Heathen) and I spent a few hours on the Ohio river this afternoon. The bait shop was sold out of minnows so we had to change our tactics. I managed to catch a couple of decent sized sauger while vertical jigging. I used a soft plastic "minnow" bait I had. There were about 15 boats in an area the size of basketball court all fishing for sauger. Everyone played nice and there were no water rage incidents.

A fellow fisherman and his crew came over to us and asked if we wanted any minnows as they were done fishing for the day. The member saw "Tyme2fish" on my boat and introduced himself to us. I'll leave it to him to post his name. Thanks very much for the minnows. They were the trick to increasing our catch.

About 4:30 PM Knute caught a sturgeon using the donated minnows. The sturgeon picture is on the photo board.

Beautiful day to be on the river.