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    Lightbulb Spring Fishing Trip to Tennessee

    Hey folks -

    My father and myself are looking to go on a fishing trip here this Spring before my first child arrives, we decided it was a must since who knows what kind of time will be available in the future. We live in Ohio and are looking to come down to Tennessee to do some fishing in mid March - early April. Our plan is to come for 3 nights and fish 2 days, probably with a guide out on a lake. Interested in bass and crappie, stripers possibly as well but we are mostly smallie fisherman - but early Spring crappie bite can be a great time too.

    Any advice for the best early Spring lakes to look into, or possibly even guides that would be helpful? Just want to make sure we get one more great trip in and land some fish, your help is much appreciated!



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    Watts Bar lake

    I too live in Ohio and my Dad and Brother both live in Tenn. We have always done well on Watts Bar lake near Knoxville. Douglas Lake is good as well. This time of year should be good for you. We mainly use black and chartruse crappie jigs on 1/32 oz jigheads. But minnows always work. Fish around the deeper boat docks and you should do well. Good luck.

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    Was just back in chesapeake ohio,any where in Tn is good,yet farther west it will be advanced (spawn) normally about 2nd week of april Ky lake,Paris landing.Anyone can catch fish however guides Dave Stewart up at marshall county Benten Ky or Steve Mc adams down here.Fish tail lodge is 60 a night,clean neat and close to the lake with eateries within walking distance.
    Most of the grass is down in tn,it wont however be topped that time of year.Lilly pads come up around 2nd week of april down around newjohnsonville.
    Oddly must be because of the interstate road system it takes about same amount of time to drive to ky lake as does knoxville.

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    For smallmouth I would head up to Lake St. Clair in May/June. For Tennessee, Dale Hollow Lake is good. Watts Bar is good too. I caught my biggest smallie there, 6.4 lbs. Good crappie lake for size but not numbers. Douglas is good LM bass and crappie lake. Good numbers and size.

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