Had our first tournament of the year/series for NOCTT at Lake Milton. 11 teams fished today, the weather was a bit chilly in low 40's with the winds whipping most of the day. 9 teams brought fish to the weigh in for a total of 204 lbs of channel cats. Thanks to all the teams who came out and fished with us today. Hope to see everyone and our next tournament May 18th at the Huron River.

1st place Josh Chapman & Larry Martin 37.0
2nd place Skip & Rainy Martin & Chrissy Jones 29.7
3rd place Kevin & Cole Hicks & Bruce Mcnemar 23.6
4th place Dustin Ross & Butch Kline 22.4 Tie
4th Place Jason Stanfield Jason JR & Charisse Stanfield 22.4
6th Place Justin Jackson & Denny Ross 21.6
7th place Derek Ross & Doug Barris 21.4 And Big Fish 9.8
8th place Chris Phillips & William Shaffer 12.7
9th place Keith komcek & Michael Anderson 3.9