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    Lake Barkley Info

    I'm going to try and sneek down to Eddy Creek on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to catch some bass. Can anyone help me with any lake info and/or a fishing report for that area of the Lake. I would appreciate it since I haven't been there since last May

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    eddy creek

    Hey check reports. go shallow fish backwards out follow lead in banks til you fine them. The shallow bite will back out probably due to them pullin' water. Good luck I hope to be then May 4th.
    Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, and Land Between The Lakes check fishing report for all different guides. Good luck!

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    find the yellow flowers and you will find the bass

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    Just got back from a 4 day trip. Caught tons of fish. Pattern seemed to change daily due to the fronts and water level changes. Bigger fish seemed to be on the secondary points on soft plastics. 8-12 feet.

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    I was also there this past weekend and found fish in Eddie Creek on primary and secondary points. Look for points with rock and drag a tube. On windy days we found fish on the wind blown points with cranks and spinners.

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    The Bass backed out of the brush with the rapid drop in water levels last week....last Saturday was the last day of our catching any quality fish near the brush...we had three limits with best 5 at 23lbs....this week we have been concentrating on the staging banks and points off the shallow brush to get our that being said, the TVA leveled the water off at one/half feet below summer pool yesterday...the TVA forecast says that they are going to bring the water back up to be at one half foot over summer pool by midnight Thursday....if this happens, expect to be shallow with the fish again next week when you come down.


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