Had our second tournament of the season on Huron River yesterday. 11 teams came out to fish on a beautiful Saturday. All teams brought in their limit of 6 fish for a total of over 400 lbs of channel cats. Great job to all anglers! No flatheads were brought in though, so pot has grown to $100 and will roll to June 22nd tournament. A special thanks to Keith and Reuben of Huron River Valley Resort and Campgrounds, for their hospitality in hosting our tournament this weekend.

1st Place Josh Vargo & Randy Meyers 45.0
2nd Place Ethan hoepf & John Peck 41.3
3rd Place Pete Heston & Eric Hopkins 40.9
4th Place Chris Phillips & Billy Shatter 40.2 & Big Fish 11.9
5th Place Kevin & Cole Hicks & Bruce Cat-Aholic 39.4
6th Place Jason & Charisse Stanfield 37.9
7th place Scott Ross & Chris Crane 37.4
8th place Keith Konicek & Mike Anderson 35.1
9th place Michael Kanuch & Brenda Martin 32.1
10th Place Josh Chapman & Jason Stanfield Jr 28.9
11th Place Donald & Donald Boing 24.0