Congratulations everyone!!!

1st - Joe Smith & Greg Marcum -------------- 3 fish, 9.97 lbs
2nd - Jarrod Swift & Darrell Swift------------- 3 fish, 6.82 lbs
3rd - Rick Purvis & Robert Purvis ------------- 3 fish, 6.81 lbs
4th - Zack Shields & Kara Ball --------------- 3 fish, 6.46 lbs
5th - Bobby Allgeier & Clint Allgeier----------- 3 fish, 6.43 lbs
6th - David Bartley & Tommy Bartley --------- 2 fish, 6.38 lbs

Big Fish - Pat Wibbels & Nathan Wibbels ----- 4.77 lbs

We had 45 boats
30 boats with fish
58 fish weighed
124.09 total lbs weighed
average weight 2.14 lbs

The weather was questionable but turned into a great night and a great bunch of anglers, thanks for everyone coming out. It was an exciting night Dave tried to put a bullet sinker through Jon's mid section, that's gonna leave a mark. And Zack tried to put bass through Kara's cheek bone, I don't how, but your in trouble now big guy.

For the last two weeks the fishing has been great for a lot of people.
This was the second highest total weight and number of fish weighed for our tournaments. There were several nice fish weighed a 4.77, 4.36, 4.05 and a 3.06.

For more information on our tournaments please e-mail me at or call 502-477-1441.

Good luck, good fishin, hope to see ya there!!!!