Thanks SLP for bringing this to my attention

--- When typing a post can't start a new line. Hitting enter does not advance the curser to the next line.
Internet Explorer 9 works fine.

This is a known issue with this version of our forum software and Internet explorer 10. I am not sure if it's Microsoft's problem or the the forum's problem but I suspect the forum software problem. At this time there is no fix but there is a simple workaround.

If your toolbar in the top left of Internet explorer 10 is not visible hit alt. This will display your toolbar in the top left of your screen . Then select tools and check compatibility view. After doing this you will be able to make line breaks and start new paragraphs.

However, with this option checked some other parts of this website and possibly other sites may look a little different. If so you can simply uncheck compatibility view.

I just uninstalled Internet explorer 10 to check and I'm going back to Internet explorer 9. I usually use Firefox. Hopefully there will be a fix coming out for this but I know it has been a known issue for several months.