We had our best tournout to date with 24 team fishing at Sandusky Bay last night. Weather was HOT and a bit stormy to start but that did not stop anglers from bringing in 1006.3 Pound of Channel Cats!! Awesome Job Everyone. Results are as follows...
20th Place - Donald Boing 15.4 LBS,
19th Place - Chris Phillips and Bill Shaffer 20.9 LBS,
18th Place - Jeff Bryant and Timothy Webb 31.2 LBS,
17th Place - Matt Conley and Ryan Edwards 32.2 LBS,
16th Place - Kevin and Cole Hicks and Bruce McNeemar 41.9 LBS,
15th Place - Jamie and Jim Beal 42.3 LBS,
14th Place - Chris Pickworth and David Wilson 45.9 LBS,
13th Place - Dennis and Dennis Arnold 46.8 LBS,
12th Place - Jason Charise and Jason Stanfield 48.9 LBS,
11th Place - Gene Scott and Brandon Robson 49 LBS,
10th Place - Randy and Carl Myers 52.7 LBS,
9th Place - Jesse Jones and Douglas Baker 53.4 LBS,
7th Place - (tied) Ed Hirsch and Kevin Ontko 55.2 LBS,
7th Place - (tied) Josh Chapman and Steve Grey 55.2 LBS,
6th Place - Skip Rainy Martin and Chrissy Jones 55.8 LBS,
5th Place - Pete Heston and Eric Hopkins 55.9 LBS,
4th Place - Derek Ross and Doug Barris 57.4 LBS,
3rd Place - Jeff Blakely and Matt Beavers 59.5 LBS,
2nd Place - Dustin and Denny Ross 63.6 LBS,
1st Place - Michael Kanuch and Brenda Martin 67.9 LBS.

Big Fish of tournament went to Dennis Arnold with a nice 15.9 LB Channel, and SheepHead Pot was won with a 9.5 pounder brought in by Michael Kanuch and Brenda Martin. No Flatheads were brought to weigh in so Pot of $140 carries over to our next scheduled tournament on July 20th at Knox Lake. Again Great Job to All Anglers and hope to see everyone at next event!!!