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    Question Cast net regs Cumberland river

    Here is the reg:


    • Sport Cast Nets: Maximum sport cast net size is 20 feet in diameter with maximum 1-inch bar mesh statewide except in the following waters. Sport cast nets prohibited in: 1) lakes having fewer than 500 surface acres, 2) any of the streams and tailwaters listed in the “Trout Waters” section of this guide, 3) tributaries of the Cumberland River between Wolf Creek Dam and the Tennessee state line except Crocus and Marrowbone creeks where sport cast mesh size must be made of 1-inch bar mesh only, 4) from the mouth of Crocus Creek upstream for 50 yards. All sport fish incidentally taken while capturing live bait with seines, dip nets or cast nets must be released imme- diately unharmed into the water.


    To me this reads that you have to use a net with one inch mesh. Is that new?
    You can only throw a new within fifty yards of the mouth.
    Bar mesh I am assuming is the mesh size when stretched to form a square pattern?
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    Exclamation This is how I interpret it :

    Bar mesh is the rating size of the square "hole" in the net ... so yes. (it should say it's a 1" mesh on the pkg).

    You can only throw a net INSIDE Crocus Cr AFTER the first 50yds ... measured starting at the mouth & going into the creek. The first 50yds (from the mouth, upstream) is the prohibited territory. Beyond that first 50yds, you're good ... but, still can only use a one inch mesh net.

    No cast nets in tributaries of Cumberland River ... EXCEPT Crocus & Marrowbone ... and in those creeks you can ONLY USE a 1" mesh net.

    I assume that the main Cumberland River is prohibited territory, since it's designated as "Trout Waters".

    That's just "MY" interpretation ... so I'd defer to the KDFWR, if I were considering using a cast net in those waters.

    ... pappy

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    Thanks crappiepappy.

    I can't come up with a reason that mesh smaller than one inch is prohibited .Possibly a newly stocked trout, which they dump in there would go through the net.

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