Wednesday - July 10th - COX PARK - $20 winner take all
6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Cox Park - meet in parking lot around 5:30 - 5:45, takeoff at 6:00

$20 per boat, winner take all

Choose your partner or fish alone, no more than two people per boat.
Dogs are allowed in boats if you want to bring them along. No cats!
5 fish limit per boat - 12" on all bass (largemouth, smallmouth & spotted bass white bass!)
1 lb. deduction for each dead fish
ties determined by largest bass
Previous winner shall hold onto the entry fees during the event - holding the money is a proven curse!
Total disqualification for any short fish brought in to be weighed - so make sure it measures at least 12"!
Stay out of Captain's Quarters marina - cast into the mouth of it all you want, but don't let your boat go past the "no fishing"'s off limits. The rest of the river is fair game.
This is a casual event with an emphasis on fun. It's open to anyone, so tell your friends. It's very informal. It's not sanctioned, no memberships, or anything like that. It's officially non-official.
If you plan on fishing it, please post below so we know to look for you.
If you wish to launch at Duffy's, that's okay too, just come on over to Cox before 6:00 to put your money in the pot.
Please operate your boat in a safe manner, wear your lifejacket and kill switch when the motor is running, watch out for drift/debris, be safe, and have fun!

Also don't violate the rules...anyone witnesssing a violation will need to bring it up at the weigh-in. It will be discussed openly amongst others in the event and any needed action will be voted on by all participants.

River Forecast:[/INDENT]