I have had several people ask about the Tournament this coming Friday, 8-9-13. Several weather sources are predicting a high chance of severe weather. This is the best way I no how to answer. I will be at Settler Trace Store regardless, and attempt to have every tournament rain or shine. But if weather conditions arise at the last minute I would have to cancel at the last minute or delay take off, provided there was no forecast of severe weather. If its rain, heavy rain, wind, or both we will have it, but if there is thunder and lightning starts bouncing off these hills, we will cancel. If the severe weather is happening or if there is a high probability its going to happen, I will post on fihsin.com prior to the tourney, if that can be determined early enough. I wish I could be more for sure but like my fishing and the weather, its very unpredictable, so please use your own better judgement on fishing this Friday night. Everyone wants to fish, but sometimes I've got to be the bad guy and cancel the tourney. We will have to see how it goes as it gets closer.

Thanks, Jim