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  1. Is paying 50k - 70k to rescue EACH oil soaked bird worth it??
  2. iPhone users
  3. Laker fans riot
  4. Gift Ideas
  5. I guess if the presisdent didn't have to show papers...
  6. Resume Help
  7. how to stop the Gulf oil gusher
  8. Me Too!
  9. Meth Lab in Okolona
  10. Disabled Vehicles on the Road
  11. Obama Helps Mexico with Inaction
  12. States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oi
  13. Something
  14. Another blonde joke
  15. water is the problem
  16. Speed trap
  17. Newsweeks conclusion......if you area teapartier, you MUST be a RACIST....
  18. What counts
  19. Emergency Road Service
  20. deltede
  21. The unluckiest man on earth
  22. World Cup Soccer!
  23. blood clots
  24. Here BP Goes Again
  25. The Other Stall
  26. Unlucky with Numbers
  27. NBA Draft tonight
  28. Non-political CHANGE
  29. Links to my Quetico Trip - 2010
  30. Found the source of the smell. UGH
  31. Taking Down the Bird Feeder
  32. Here is something you don't here very often
  33. Calling a Politician, sometimes works
  34. 1985
  35. A Marine's Vigil
  36. Any chance Joe Biden will NOT say something STUPID........
  37. vizio flat panel television
  38. Supreme Court blows away Chicago handgun ban
  39. Finally..Shew!!!!!!!!!!!07/13/2010
  40. Bear attacks hiker-Red River Gorge
  41. Joe Biden Buwahaaaa
  42. Robert Byrd, RIP
  43. Rep Stark Mocks Minutemen........
  44. WHAT A JOKE of a Health CARE Plan.
  45. AGENDA 21 Sustainable Developement
  46. Homeowners associations
  47. Black panthers
  48. Check this out...........Baking in my new swedish Omnia stovetop oven.
  49. Imagine THAT......former and current UK players under investigation........
  50. NCAA checking into UK players
  51. Chris Simms arrested
  52. Happy Independence Day!
  53. Blackberry Picking Time
  54. In Britain/UK...Cops take kids away in 'forced adoption' racket
  55. Keeneland cutting purses
  56. Lesnar vs Carwin
  57. Jeeeeeeeeeez
  58. Orten
  59. Any Reds fans?
  60. Turfway Park dropping Major series and dates
  61. Video of the Black Panther member Obama REFUSES to prosecute.....
  62. Do we REALLY need a Mosque at ground ZERO??
  63. Symbols that do not mean what you think
  64. an interesting sports event
  65. What did we do before Facebook
  66. Don't lie
  67. Big Dipper commits Suicide today
  68. Lebron James to the Miami Heat
  69. Good read
  70. Ok these Riots help alot...animals.
  71. My blood is boiling
  72. Obama...........At the BAT
  73. Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.........
  74. Definitive proof that Al Franken was elected ILLEGALLY
  75. NAACP to condemn the Tea Party Movement for Racism......
  76. Tim T
  77. Hey, Tim T
  78. Some people are like slilnkies
  79. G20 Toronto
  80. Barry's new report card
  81. Thank God they can still maintain a sense of humor
  82. Why I love Boat Racing
  83. You might like this you might not
  84. young falling soldier hits close to home.
  85. It is amazing how Newsweek is reporting the Black Panther Case.
  86. I was wrong...
  87. As if the oil spill wasn't enough...
  88. Direct Deposit Pay
  89. If we HAVE no border problems.......why do Agri workers need ARMED EXCORTS......
  90. 31 Soldier Suicides
  91. Are you holding your breath?
  92. GEICO and Sarge
  93. Got this off BBC
  94. Old Outboard Motor Commercial
  95. Protest Mosque at Ground Zero
  96. Lindsey Lohan
  97. Are race relations better or WORSE than say 30-40 years ago....
  98. $246,575.34 per day
  99. One TOUGH 6 year old
  100. "king obama" signs ocean protection policy
  101. Tea Party Please Go Birth Certificate Viral
  102. CharLIE Rangel
  103. Oh the irony
  104. The Reds
  105. Elvis can buy the building!
  106. Louisville 12th in athletic department standings
  107. Pentagon workers tied to child porn
  108. New Antiseptic on the Market
  109. "LAME" Kiffin sticks it to TN again
  110. Jesus and the Democrat (humor)
  111. I love this commercial
  112. Whistle Blower my BUTT........this is treason........PURE and SIMPLE
  113. Anybody remember the debate afew years ago
  114. Obama on "The View"
  115. need a fish/guideboat
  116. Obama Bumper Sticker Removal KIT.
  117. Deportation of illegal immigrants increases under Obama administration
  118. Terrell Owens signs with Bengals
  119. Hey college footbal fans
  120. Addictive game
  121. Oil Spill: Video of Michigan disaster as Kalamazoo River runs black
  122. Oh No, Here goes Ocho.....
  123. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  124. I have a brand new niece!
  125. One down, millions to go
  126. Conservative Sportsmen
  127. WikiLeaks Morally Guilty???
  128. Heat and lawn mowing
  129. You can take the NUTT out of Arkansas but..
  130. Bengals fans
  131. Illegal alien kills nun in drunk driving crash
  132. Brett Favre retires (again)
  133. El douche nozzle
  134. License check on a dock or shore?
  135. Okay, Guys!
  136. Guess WHAT.........we're going to apologize to Japan for the A-Bomb....
  137. Shaq to the Celtics?
  138. Strange things you've caught while fishing.
  139. A glimpse of what is to come with HealthCARE
  140. Roman Crocodiles
  141. How hot is it? It's so hot that.....
  142. Taking Down the Bird Feeder
  143. I Want to Know About Animal Behavior
  144. Elvis Dumervil injured at Broncos training camp
  145. A little church humor
  146. More church humor
  147. Karen Sypher found guilty
  148. Technical Support
  149. Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance
  150. a little church poem
  151. Fryman's For Sale....
  152. a little humor
  153. Internet Browsers
  154. Basil Marceaux LOL
  155. Judge andrw napolitano
  156. Tim Tebows Haircut
  157. Via Ferrata
  158. It does my heart proud!
  159. Very Simple Question about Obama
  160. Hey MHall
  161. This just in....from a PEACEFUL religion.......
  162. Tebow does it in the NFL
  163. ATV Trails
  164. Great replies for a High Stress Day
  165. lol Idiot!!!
  166. Honor our heroes
  167. Pelosi simply needs to go away somewhere.......maybe OFF a CLIFF or something.......
  168. And some good news from the RIGHT WING radical of the site......
  169. An interesting fact about august 2010.
  170. Obama Stimlus Package
  171. xx
  172. Long range
  173. Whatever happened to REAL conservatives.....
  174. Now this is good security
  175. Just thinking bout! Any
  176. Foreign Aid
  177. I love boat maintenance
  178. Really?
  179. SHOCKING Video Evidence from Creek Fishing Trip Today...
  180. Have to brag
  181. Dumber than a Rock
  182. Would we DO this today??
  183. Is he a MUSLIM??
  184. Where's Sharpton and the NAACP on this one??
  185. The National Resources Defense Council is at it again
  186. A Poem........
  187. No wonder people are depressed (humor)
  188. Freaking Amazing. A great reason to carry.
  189. Another Dumber than a Rock
  190. ALERT: New Albany Ramp
  191. Farm Gate Posting
  192. SAD.........this dude should have DIED in prison.
  193. Hey my LIBERAL CRAZY friends.....
  194. For a BUNCH of racists......there are a LOT of Black People at the GB Rally.
  195. $1.9 Million - Down the crapper.
  196. Little League World Series
  197. The End of the War
  198. Gotta Love it. IRAQ war cost less that Obamunist Stimulus package.
  199. Because your son is a IDIOT is no reason to sue a teacher or the schoool.......
  200. If this guy DIES, EXECUTE the offenders.
  201. Bringin da heat! 105mph fastball
  202. Labor Day Weekend
  203. 12 volt battery vs Obama
  204. Hurricane Earl
  205. Another School Killing
  206. If the Pubs win big in November.........
  207. A Multitude of Fools
  208. Another Oil Well Explosion in The Gulf
  209. Tough guy
  210. UK/UL predictions?
  211. When the Wife Doesn't Listen
  212. Last Day of Ramadan falls on or near 9/11
  213. Was this really necessary?
  214. The Sweet of September
  215. fatal boat accident on dale
  216. People of LA.........stop acting like MORONS......
  217. UK Center Cantor
  218. Interesting from the world of Science.......New Element found:
  219. Pastor burns Koran WE burn 9/11 Report
  220. Tucker's Landing: Prop service
  221. How does this CRAZY woman know what an Unjustified rate hike is??
  222. leatherman spine center???
  223. e-mail virus going around
  224. What is a woman?
  225. John Calipari: What Is Truth, What Is Myth, and What Is Ignorance
  226. U.S. faces "Americanization" of terror threat
  227. How Sweet It Is
  228. Great example of how Islam is a religion of peace.........right.
  229. Medal Of Honor
  230. 31 Unbelievable High School Mascots
  231. Teacher gets fired for writing song
  232. Another feel good story
  233. Sticks vs Switches
  234. Pubs are just as bad as the DEMS........they are ALL MORONS........
  235. Economy and Overall Business Question
  236. Money Trail for the NYC Mosque
  237. Happy Anniversary! (humor)
  238. You'd better get ready........Amnesty is HERE......again.
  239. Interesting!
  240. Frymans on the market
  241. What's for Supper?
  242. Louisville Attractions?
  243. Obamacare
  244. Has anyone seen Duke (Not the dog)?
  245. Brett Favre Part 2
  246. dumb moves
  247. Incumbents and Debt
  248. The U.S. is obligated????
  249. To the SCUMBAG that just stole my OIL......
  250. Parking lot incident