• Lake Lanier Fishing Report - GA

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  • Lake Lanier Fishing Report - GA


    Bass fishing is fair. The water level has risen over the past week and the surface temperature has dropped 4 degrees. The fishing has remained good as we have been catching big fish deep and shallow through the week. We have been focusing on rocky pockets near the mouths of the creeks and back in the creeks, as well as steeper main-lake rocky banks and points in the lower lake for the majority of our fish. Drop shot rigs and a small Zoom min lizard on the humps in these creeks will work. Never overlook deep main lake docks. Find the fish on the Lowrance Down Scan technology and if have Fish Reveal use it on the DOWN Scan so the fish appear like on regular Sonar. Use the vertical jig in a 1/2 to 3/4 ounce spoon. There are fish in the creek channel ditches which are present throughout the lake and range from shallow to deep depending on the location. But now every ditch has fish, it’s a hunting game. Use the Lowrance Fish Reveal technology on the Down Scan screen and Zoom In on the bottom. If the fish are there one or two drops of a spoon will make them show up. There are shallow fish on shaky head worms, jigs, crank baits, jerk baits and the Fish Head Spin. Early morning, late evening, prior to a weather front passage and during times of a predominant wind are the best times to throw the moving baits and to work shallow for some big bites. If there is wind blowing fish moving baits where the wind is the strongest and most direct into the bank and use a slow to moderate retrieve. Don't expect to get many bites, but the ones will be quality. There are fish out deep relating to the timber in ditches, and these fish can be caught on a spoon, drop shot, and a shaky head worm. The timber is best bet for numbers of fish and some bigger fish are definitely moving out dee, especially with the recent colder weather. The upper lake and rivers are stained. When searching for these fish, use the Lowrance electronics to identify subtle structure changes to include creek ditch depressions. The new C Map in the live machines have one foot contours. Where there is bait, there is or will soon be fish. As always find a creek, pocket, or main lake area holding bait and fish. Keep moving by rotating the areas often and find holding bait and fish. Fish move up and down in the water column throughout the day, and in the same context move from deep to shallow. As this lake usually does there may be success at one point in the day in a particular location. Then the next day they moved. Be sure to try and return again later and watch the Fish Reveal Lowrance technology that no other sonar machines have to see the fish deeper and with better accuracy.

    Phil Johnson is our Lake Lanier Bass fishing guide. Pjohnson15@hotmail.com 770 366 8845

    This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Captain Josh Thornton call to book a trip 770 530 6493

    Crappie fishing is good. The water temperatures are in the upper 40s up lake. The hot bite target zone is 15 to 20 feet deep. The bite is supper soft keep your pole in your hands and fill for the slightest bump. Be flexible in you technique figure out what depth the crappie are biting and what they want to eat jigs or minnows. When using jigs try putting two different colors on one line about 16” apart see what color they are hitting. Then concentrate on what they want no need in throwing all jigs if they only want minnows that day. This week has been almost 100% minnows. Look for open water deep brush piles in 30 to 45 feet of water use a heavy jig head to get you down there quickly. Look under docks that are in 20 to 40 feet of water and have brush or structure use your electronic charts to locate these areas. Try down lining a Crappie minnows with a sinker or set up a slip bobber. Jigs have been slow to no action this week for me but my Jig recommendation is a baby shad green over chartreuse or a blue over silver. Jigs can be used for short casting, vertical jigging or dock shooting. I’m using ATX lure companies jigs on 5 pound test, high visibility yellow K9 braid for my line (unless I am using a bobber) and a Piscifun reel on a light action 6’ B&M rod. Use scanning type sonar (e.g. Down and Side Imaging) to locate schooling fish, and complement this with the latest in live-scanning sonar technology (e.g. Garmin’s LiveScope, Humminbird 360 or Lowrance’ s LiveSight). Set waypoints on your electronic charts so that you can quickly return to productive locations. You can do this on a smartphone using the Navionics Boating app. Find me on Facebook and like my page @crappieonlanier

    Our On the Water SONAR School is designed to teach anglers how to read all the latest technology from Sonar, Side Scan and Structure Scan technology. We started these schools and that is to help anglers of all ages and skill levels find and catch more fish. We go over how to rig the transducers and tune the depth finders; we use Lowrance Color Sonar units. There are schools of fish in all lakes that are never fished for. Most bass anglers cast to the banks looking for small fish. Most schools of bass are off shore in structure that the typical angler never knows are there. Learn about the latest mapping technologies. How to properly mount transducers. We spend the rest of the day using the latest Lowrance electronics. On the water at Lake Lanier, we then go find the road beds, humps, standing timber and brush piles where the fish live. The school lasts a full eight hours for $350.00 for one or two anglers exclusively on Lake Lanier. To catch bass all year school of bass relate to structure off the banks. Instead of all the old places that look good, we will find places nobody ever fishes. And most important, how to find fish holding locations without a map, how to use GPS technology and more. 770 889 2654 COPYRIGHT SOUTHERN FISHING SCHOOLS INC.

    We offer these Waypoints for sale. West Point Lake, Lake Allatoona, Lake Clarks Hill, Lake Lanier, Lake Jackson, Lake Oconee, Lake Weiss, Lake Seminole, Lake Hartwell and Lake Russell. WAYPOINTS ARE $99.00 CHECK OR MONEY ORDERS 0NLY. Waypoints are NOT REFUNDABLE! Anglers need to know how to load these into the electronics. Receive the coordinates and then load them into the GPS unit. Ask for a sample: kensturdivant@att.net

    We have these BASS fishing books and they are only $39.00 TOTAL: BASS FISHING LAKE LANIER BOOK, BASS FISHING LAKE HARTWELL BOOK, BASS FISHING LAKE ALLATOONA, BOOK BASS FISHING CLARKS HILL, LAKE BOOK and BASS FISHING WEST POINT LAKE BOOK. Be sure to tell us what book THE want with the order. No pictures just our weekly fishing report and bass fishing locations. Each book $39.00 total. These books are exclusively for Bass fishing and each book covers every week of the year. Each book is sent by e mail only. Ask for a sample: kensturdivant@att.net

    Ken Sturdivant is on the Lowrance Pro Staff and teaches electronics among other fishing skills. All the details for our On the Water SONAR School are on our web SCHOOLS page. We have the LOWRANCE LIVE and the 3D Lowrance Technology on our boat. See Bass over a ladder in 10 feet of water 158 feet from my boat. www.lowrance.com kensturdivant@att.net

    Call Brian Leiva at www.bbgmarine.com 888 570 0916 for all The Lowrance and other technology.

    Please watch this video! https www.tube.com watch?v m7k0ECCQjeY

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