• Cumberland River Fishing Report - KY

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  • Cumberland River Fishing Report - KY

    LIVE AUDIO! Listen here or read below: Chuck Strange 6-27-14.mp3

    We just had a big fish come in - a brown trout 33" long, weighed 15lbs. Had the length but just didn't have the gut on 'em. But there's still some big ones out there. He was impressive though. I got a few pictures of it. Guys were up between Crocus and Wetstone in that area. A real good brown trout - 33" and 15lbs!

    River is in real good shape. Hasn't changed much since the last report. Good green, 52-54 degrees.

    A lot of real good rainbows coming in. Big fat healthy fish.

    I think we're back.

    I really like seein them big fish come in.

    I really wish he woulda put 'em back but he's gonna mount him so more power to him.

    Hopefully we'll get some more here soon.

    C'mon down y'all...it don't get much better!
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