• East end Striper report may 13, 2015

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    I have been fortunate enough to make a life long past time into a livelihood. I am on the water every chance I get to try and stay keyed in on the almighty striper and to ensure limits of fish for each and everyone of my customers. However, the occasional tough days do happen, it is fishing, I give my word that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you and yours catch fish!

  • East end Striper report may 13, 2015

    well as usual the striper bite on my end has been phenomenal. And as usual good bait has been a booger like always. I am getting alewives just not nearly as easy as on the west end of the lake. The fish made a move recently as today was the first time this year I fished the main lake for a while. They are spawning right now which can make for some unusual behaviors and out of the norm May patterns. Some fish have spawned out and went deep as where some haven't yet and are still rather shallow still. Surface temps up here are around 75 degrees at lees ford and 73 on main lake. Most days we are catching nice sized fish with several over the 20 mark and a few that's been over 25 pounds. Size are ranging from 23 too about 29' mostly, nice, fat and healthy fish which is a true blessing. My website is currently under construction but im trying to keep the facebook site updated daily for people to see. No holding fish out 3ft away from their bodies, what ya see is what ya get. Planers are still producing the best bite for me fished 20-30 ft behind the board on light weights. The spawn can be frustrating somedays as they may be 15 ft deep one minute and 45 the next. Points near the river channel seem to be holding good numbers of fish. I don't do much marketing in my reports but most im sure that read my reports pull planers regularly...if so I would highly recommend you check out ''Trophy Ridge Planer Boards''. Cost a lot less than all the heavy big plastic boards and pull so much easier as well. But good luck to everyone and good fishin!!
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      peter -
      Thanks for the update. I don't get up that way.
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