• Fishing Hype - Barkley and Kentucky lakes report

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  • I've enjoyed the outdoors and fishing for as long as I can remember. It was a way of life and still is to this day. Now I run my own guide business and fish tournaments across the country. If your looking for a good, laid back, fun time on the water or some serious learning give me a call or drop me an email. I fish Kentucky and Barkley Lake along with winter trips on Lake Okeechobee.

  • Fishing Hype - Barkley and Kentucky lakes report

    Lake Conditions:
    Lake Barkley: 359.85, 15,800-16,000 CFS, slight stain throughout the lake, water temps running 74-80 degrees
    Kentucky Lake: 359.80, 29,000-50,500 CFS, clear throughout the lake, water temps running 74-80 degrees

    Weather: It has been a gorgeous past 4 days with light wind and plenty of sunshine with perfect temps in the upper 70's and low 80's. This has been a welcome from the nightmare week last week with rain and 20+mph winds we endured. The upcoming week looks to be a typical summer pattern with a chance of rain everyday as the heat and humidity are going to set in. No day should be a washout but the normal summer afternoon rain shower and possible thunderstorm will be popping up. Just make sure you keep an eye to the sky and stay safe.

    Bass: This is pretty much what we've been chasing the past couple of weeks with feast or famine results. There doesn't seem to be much of a middle road right now. You either pull up on the right ledge at the right time and flat whack'em stupid or completely whiff. Even with todays electronics just because you can see them doesn't mean they are ready to eat. Though when it's right it's right!!! It's that time of year for the big baits to come out and play and we've been throwing all the normal ledge stuff and catching fish on pretty much all of it. When the fish are active we are throwing the moving baits deep diving cranks like the SPRO Little John DD, swimbaits in both 5 and 7 inch sizes by Ignite Baits have been hot along with big spinnerbaits and spoons. I throw my crankbaits on two Powell rods one is the 804 which is a 8' med.hvy graphite rod and it by far one of the best crankbait rods on the market. The other is a 755 which is a 7'-5'' med.heavy action but it is a glass composite rod, meaning it is a blend of fiberglass and graphite, both are spooled with #12 Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon. I also use two different Powell rods for my swimbaits. When throwing the smaller baits I go with a 734, 7'3'' hvy action rod then when I pickup the big dog we pull out the big stick. This is the 795 a 7'-9'' hvy action rod you can lob giant swimbaits all day with. When the fish are not in a chasing mood we will slow down with a Carolina rig, Texas rigged Big Bite Baits ledge worm or an Outkast Tackle T2 football jig paired with a Big Bite Baits swimmin craw. I throw all these baits on Sunline #16 Sniper fluorocarbon line and a 7'3'' med.hvy rod. More fish every day are schooling on the ledges and will continue to now that the water temps are rising. The ledges aren't the only place bass are biting though. You've probably notice the buzz in the trees with the second Cicada hatch in the past few years. Well this has kept some fish shallow munching on these giant bugs and allowed us some fun action on topwater baits and we've even flipped a few out of bushes though the size isn't there like it was.

    Crappie: I haven't fished for these guys now in a few weeks. Though we should be as we've be idling around looking for bass many of the stake beds and brush piles I've seen are full of fish. They are stacked on many of them better now than in the spring. I've seen them anywhere from 12-25' deep.

    Bluegill/Redear: These feisty critters have even taken a backseat to the bass fishing as of late. I believe we will see a slowing in the spawn after this weeks full moon there are still plenty of fish on and coming in to spawn.

    *****The ledge bite is just ramping up and we still have a couple good weeks of the Bluegill spawn yet to go so call NOW to get in on the action.

    Tight Lines,
    Capt. Brian Brown
    Fishing Hype Guide Service
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