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  • Springtime Bassin' Heats Up

    Winter will soon be coming to an end and the onset of spring will be upon us. For many area sportsmen this means it is time to get on the water for some early spring bassin'.

    As water temperatures begin to rise, bass begin to shake off the effects of winter doldrums. This finds the fish in a distinctly different pattern as they begin to migrate from the deeper water, into the creeks and shallow areas where they will spawn.

    One man who has proven his ability to catch bass during this transition period is Scott Patton of Shepherdsville, KY. Patton is a licensed guide(502-957-4369) and full-time professional angler on the elite B.A.S.S. top 100 tournament trail.

    Patton says that water temperature is a key factor in where and how you should fish in the spring.

    "When the water temperature reaches 50-55 degrees, fish will begin to move into the mouths of major creeks," Patton said. "All creeks won't be holding fish, so you may have to try several creeks until you find the right one."

    The type of available cover will determine the pattern he will use. If there is deeper timber in the creek, he will pitch or flip a jig to the outside edge. If there are no tree's available then he will use an entirely different tactic.

    "I will use a suspending jerk bait, such as a Rapala Husky Jerk," Patton said. "I'll fish this lure on a glass rod, using 10 or 12 lb. test, unless I'm in heavy cover when I'll use 17 or 20 lb. test."

    If he is not finding fish in the mouth of the creek, he will move farther back into the creek. He will generally follow the creek all the way back to the source, or until he locates fish.

    Unless the water temperature is really warm and stable, Patton will stick to fishing the edge of the creek channel.

    "During the spring of the year, the fish like to stay close to the deeper water," he said. "If a cold front moves into the area, these bass won't have far to travel to reach the deeper water."

    Patton says that the key to locating and catching fish this time of year, is finding the warmer water.

    "I will look for areas that are protected from the wind, and areas that receive lots of sunlight," he said. "These are the areas that will warm up the fastest. Once you find these spots, you will find fish. Then you can try several different lure until you find out what they want."

    So when spring arrives this year, head for your favorite body of water and give these tactics a try. You could find the action very hot.