• Kentucky Lake Fishing Report 9/28/18 Scott Patton

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  • I can help you get prepared for a tournament, get familiar with the lake, learn new techniques, or soft just have a great fishing trip! Guiding on Chickamauga in Tennessee and Okechobee in Florida.

  • Kentucky Lake Fishing Report 9/28/18 Scott Patton

    Finally, itís trying to turn Fall, itís something I have been waiting for and Iím sure a lot of you guys have been also. Iím starting to catch a few more good fish on topwater, my favorite of course is the Lucky Craft Gun Fish and Sammy! But I always have a buzzbait and other style top water nearby. You have to let the fish tell you what they want. Normally shad patterns are what the bass are looking for here on Kentucky lake.

    Look for gravel bars and rocky points for fish feeding on gizzard shad in these areas. I love throwing top water on these areas. If its windy then fish a spinnerbait, chatterbait and a 1.5 or 2.5 square bill on these bars.

    A second pattern for me is fishing channel banks off the main lake with a ZOOM Mag Trick worm. Iím fishing it on a ĺ ounce Pro Tungsten Carolina rig and a ĺ ounce wobble head.

    With this cool weather we are supposed to get I will also fish a rattling bait like Lucky Crafts LV 500 chrome and blue, ghost minnow and chartreuse shad. I will fish it on the same rocky bars, main lake flats, and in ditches leading to shallow flats. Youíre looking for a reaction strike when fishing this bait this time of year, so fish it fast and I will use 15, 17lb line. I will use monofilament if Iím fishing real shallow. Monofilament will help keep my bait up, itís a more buoyant line than fluorocarbon. Also, by using 15 to 17lb line its even more buoyant than say 10 or 12. These little changes can make a big difference in catching fish and not catching fish.

    I guide full time on Kentucky Lake, Pick Wick and Lake Okeechobee, along with fishing the BASS Master Opens.

    My sponsors are Phoenix Boats, ACS Marine, Pro Tungsten, Mercury, ZOOM, Lucky Craft, Kentucky Battery Outlet, Lowrance, Craw Cane, Heritage Fence, Power Pole, Seaguar, Lews, Gill, TH Marine, Costa Sunglasses
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