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  • The Truth Behind Reel Speed

    With all the talk this year at the 2019 I-Cast on 10 to 1 reels and how your fishing will improve I thought I would give you my thoughts on how reel speed really affects you in bass fishing; is a reel gathering 42 inches of line in one turn of the handle really a benefit or not. To clarify first what reel speed means on a 10 to 1 reel is easy every time you turn the handle once the spool rotates 10 times gathering about 42 inches of line in one turn. That is lightning speed when gathering line.

    The problem is do you really need this type of speed and if so when its it beneficial for you to have a reel this fast on your boat; it also should be noted that reel speed has a lot to do with how much line you have on your set up. If the spool is not full it affects the reel speed so understanding, whether your fully lined is important.

    Letís start with the benefit of this 10 to 1 speed, if youíre in a situation that you must gather up your line fast, like a bass coming at you with your worm in its mouth the speed is important. A frog bite that explodes up through grass and forces you to set the hook quickly may not be as important or could hurt your catching ability when frog fishing. Letís explain, many times a fish will hit a worm or swim bait coming at you and you wonít feel the bite, this forces you to gather line quickly to catch the fish; on the other hand a frog explosion requires some patience and a quick hook set because of a high speed reel may cause you to lose the fish by pulling it out of its mouth.

    Itís also true that if your spool is say lined only about half-way full then you are reducing the speed of the line being gathered by the one turn pf the handle, this is especially noticeably with spinning reels. The truth is the fully lined spool is wider and has more line to gather so its speed is more definable. Reel speed can hurt you or not, so you have to be the judge.

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    Capt. Mike Gerry
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    1. F16ENGMGR's Avatar
      F16ENGMGR -
      Hey Captain Mike - Iíve been throwing the Revo Rocket Abu 10.1:1 for about 3 months with 5/8 oz lipless & ripping it thru eel grass down here in central FL. Itís loaded with 12# Trilene Big Game & casts into the next zip code. Pause retrieve jerking motion. I prefer a Revo SX 7.3:1 for frogs especially in heavy cover with at least 50# braid. A heavy rod is a must. All low profile Abuís are easy to clean & will perform flawlessly if cared for...as will most reels.